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[19 Apr 2012|10:34am]

Caps from Filthy, Rich and Catflap, 1986 BBC comedy starring Nigel Planer, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

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Using and recycling paper [10 Feb 2011|04:45pm]

It looks like he has a Stained expression...
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Screenshots VOL.I [07 Feb 2011|02:11am]

I want to share with all of you the screenshots I got, they aren't pretty good actually, but it's OK if you only want to make icons or something like that... Just click on the image to download. Nighty night!
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Icons [04 Feb 2011|10:04pm]

→ 20 Icons: Bambi

. .

You know what they say:
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Just a doodle [26 Jan 2011|08:46pm]

- Hi, sputnik! Or can I call you comrade?
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fanfart [19 Jan 2011|05:13pm]

- It's me they're going to be calling ''Bogey Bum'' at the next Friends of Stalin Society ''Show Your Bottom'' competition.
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Icons [01 Dec 2010|08:20pm]

→ 31 Icons: Flood

. .

I'm not being girly!
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another fanFart [05 Nov 2010|12:58am]

Not food but a solution
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I was bored!! [01 Nov 2010|11:11pm]

A couple of pictures of myself,
creepy halloween everybody!

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Icons [08 Oct 2010|07:05pm]

→ 14 Icons: Interesting

. .

You've bought me a present!
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Number twos! [21 Sep 2010|11:49pm]

22 - Cliff Richard - Wired For Sound
23 - Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds Of Silence
24 - Arthur Brown - Fire
25 - Dave Stewart With Barbara Gaskin - Its My Party
26 - David Bowie - Space Oddity
27 - Elvis Presley - Rock Around The Clock
28 - Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers - I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent
29 - Helen Shapiro - The Day That The Rains Came Down
30 - Henry Hall  His Orchestra - The Teddy Bears Picnic
31 - The Everly brothers - All I have to do is dream
32 - The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
33 - Dr Marten's boots
34 - Nasty opening

That's just typical!

I hope you enjoy 'em 8D
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PROMOTIONAL VIDEO [12 Sep 2010|07:12pm]

Hi Sputnik! or can I call you 'comrade'?
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has anybody got... [09 Sep 2010|11:35pm]

a better/larger image from the "Can you match each of the Young Ones with their vomit?" match game quiz?

Collapse )
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'Allo, I'm new [24 Apr 2009|09:08am]

[ mood | amused ]

Salutations. I'm of British origin, and am currently living in the States. I love the Young Ones. My girlfriend and I have the complete series on DVD.

If I had to choose a favourite character, I would have to go with Vyvian. How can you not like someone who is so psychotic?

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[20 Apr 2009|12:00am]

...any chance anyone could reupload Neil's Heavy Concept Album?

Thank you!
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The Stars [29 Sep 2008|11:39pm]

Alright, crossposting to all TYO communities. I am being Vyv for Halloween, and I'm having trouble finding my forehead stars.

I remember a few other people have done Vyvyan costumes, but I can't find those posts. What did you use? What should I use? I've been looking at nailheads online because Hobby Lobby doesn't have any, and once I pay shipping and minimum order amount, I'll have spent $15, and I don't want to do that if possible.

Also, what do his shirts say? If I can't find a good one I think I'll just wear my PotC shirt, it's black and says "Dead men tell no tales" with a huge skull.
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Neil's Heavy Concept Album [01 Jun 2008|10:53pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Does anyone have any of the songs from it? Could you please post them because I'm only finding vynals and they're all way expensive and I'm poor. I have Hole In My Shoe (as well as an actual hole in my shoes X_X) I could send that along but I'm looking for all of the other songs by Neil as well as Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man


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94 icons [18 May 2008|04:40pm]

[18] Alicia Way
[19] Fall Out Boy
[27] My Chemical Romance
[30] The Young Ones



Credit bekie098 thanks.

( Icons here! ) @ unholy_sin
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Need a quote! [12 Apr 2008|09:21pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Alright, cross posting a bit...

I need a senior quote and I'd like it to be from Rik, Ade, or Nigel. Since it is for school it needs to be somewhat clean. :(

So far the best one seems to be from a 1986 interview with Rik:
"I never really set out to be anything..."

and I just never can get over this one:

So bring 'em on, they can be ridiculous or serious, from real life or as any of their characters.

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