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Need a quote!

Alright, cross posting a bit...

I need a senior quote and I'd like it to be from Rik, Ade, or Nigel. Since it is for school it needs to be somewhat clean. :(

So far the best one seems to be from a 1986 interview with Rik:
"I never really set out to be anything..."

and I just never can get over this one:

So bring 'em on, they can be ridiculous or serious, from real life or as any of their characters.
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this is going on the shortlist, how could I have forgotten it?!

Deleted comment

Another LC reference from Neil: "I'll be somehow dead and yet alive, like Leonard Cohen!"

Jehovah's Witness lady (Dawn French): "Have you said Yes, hippie?"

Mike: "If you're going to sin, you might as well be original."
Neil: "Vegetable rights and peace"

thanks everyone! I'm still undecided as of right now. I did decide on my
"most memorable highschool experience" though, it's that time a squirrel got in the cafeteria and everyone freaked.